Seat Base Storage Pocket

$ 29.00

There's never enough storage areas in your Sprinter, especially for the small things you want easy access to.  Dog leash, wallet, phone chargers, cables, you name it.

We have a great solution for you!  Seat base storage pockets!  Super easy installation, just peel and stick. These heavy duty pockets are made from durable TPO plastic, super strong 3M VHB tape attaches them to your seat base, with no holes to drill. 

They work perfectly on regular height seat bases on either the front and rear. They will work on the inside of the passenger tall seat base also.

Short seat bases can use them on the rear only. 

Fits 2007 - 2019 Sprinter 906 & 907.  

Fits Ford Transit seat base on the sides between door and seat base. 

Also would work on any flat surface.  Easy installation!

Pockets are 15" wide, 5" high and 2.5" deep


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