Ladder + Tire Carrier for New Sprinter VS30 (2019+)

$ 1,695.00

The NEW Owl Ladder + Tire Carrier for Sprinter vans is the seamless integration of two great products into one rack. No longer do you need to mount a separate ladder off the side of the van, dragging in the wind. Or maybe you want two ladders for two people to load large items on the roof. Regardless of your need, the Ladder + Tire Carrier is a simple all in one solution. The Owl Ladder + Tire Carrier installs in minutes. Access your roof easily and get your spare tire out from under the van.

There are two types of hinges on the new 2019+ Sprinter, 180˚ and 270˚. Only the 180˚ hinges have holes to mount our carriers from the factory. If you have 270˚ hinges, you will need to select 180° hinges from the drop-down menu below. We sell these at our wholesale cost and powder coat them black to match Owl Carriers. ALL 2020 REVELs have 180˚ hinges.


  • Works with hinges on 2020 REVEL

  • Fits Sprinter VS30 (2019+)

  • Does not interfere with Parking Assist sensors on most vans

  • Comes ready for a tire or a box (there are box mounting tabs welded to the tire hoop for a flexible setup).

  • All Tig Welded Aluminum

  • Requires 180˚ hinges (See hinge info below) selecting 270˚ hinges below will add to your order the Factory Mercedes Benz Hinge Replacement kit.

  • Lightweight (25lbs)

  • Additional footpegs on side tube (see images)

  • Spin-on tire holder with locking option

  • Adjust for different wheel/tire sizes (33” Max)

  • Powder Coated Black

  • Installs in 15-20 minutes

  • Opens with the door (nothing to swing out of the way or bumpers to buy)

  • Compatible with vans with rear windshield wipers

  • No need to relocate license plate

  • No need to remove or swap out Mercedes badge

  • Works for 2500 & 3500. If you have a 3500, you need an extra part, please state that you have a 3500 in the order notes when ordering so we can make sure to add the extra plate.


Note - Due to the length of this item there is an additional shipping cost


Due to the popularity of our Ladder + Tire Carrier, we are about 4wk lead time

from $1,695.00

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