Blemished Bamboo Snack Trays

$ 95.00 $ 125.00

Show us your creativity by fixing, painting, staining, modifying, and just generally having fun with a project for your Sprinter. 

Let’s see who can come up with some awesome custom creations.  

These blemished bamboo snack trays fit 2007-2018 Mercedes/Dodge/ Freight liner Sprinters.

We have some snack trays with minor blemishes on them available. Most people won't even be able to tell what the blemish is. Might be scratch, ding, etc.

Comes loaded with stainless steel cup holders. 

One picture below shows a tray that one of our creative customers stained. 

I'd suggest adding a Luna Touch Light to your order as they work great with these trays. 

I will update the quantity available as we get them....or scratch more ;-)




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