Fiamma F45 S 260 Awning for Eurovan or Vanagon

$ 900.00

****(made to order. Can take a few weeks to get. $250 shipping to a residential address)




The perfect addition to any Eurovan. 

Doubling your shady living space transforms the experience while camping or just using the van on daily family adventures. 

These lightweight aluminum awnings permanently mount to the van so they don't take up precious interior space. You will never forget to bring shade or rain protection with you as it will always be mounted to the van. 

 Available with a Polar White, Titanium or black outer housing to match any van color combo.


Once you have chosen your exterior case color then you can pick the color of the fabric for the awning itself. 

 Grey or blue 


Awnings are 8'8" long and extend 6'6" from the van. Weighing only 43lbs. 






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